How many years until it’s a tradition?

It’s a good thing I didn’t call this blog “Write Daily” since it’s a lot more like “Write a Couple Times a Year”.  I haven’t been writing and so here I am trying… Continue reading

The Original Kensington Cruiser – aka The Little Pushcart

It’s 3:00 AM on Christmas Eve. I look at the various pieces of cut wood strewn about the shop, take a breath, and then turn to my husband and say, “Do you think… Continue reading

The “Original” Pocket Books – My first adventure in making more.

You know those moments when at the same time your mouth is impulsively saying “Yes!” your rational brain is screaming “No!”. Well, I have them all the time. Like… ALL. THE. TIME.  In these… Continue reading

The “Pocket Book”

Sometimes I make something just to get the idea out of my brain and into the physical world. I try not to over think the process. It’s like freestyle journaling, but instead of… Continue reading

The Minnie Mouse Dress

A little over a year ago, I met a great family out at the trapeze rig where I fly. Unlike many parents who won’t let anyone touch their babies, especially strangers, Mark and… Continue reading

The Chair

We were about to toss this chair. So I figured, “Why not try to reupholster it?” I considered the worst that could happen… I could end up keeping the clutter I was trying… Continue reading