The Chair

We were about to toss this chair. So I figured, “Why not try to reupholster it?” I considered the worst that could happen… I could end up keeping the clutter I was trying to eliminate, and I might waste some time, time that I could be using to do laundry and to tidy the house. I considered the best case scenario. I might learn a little about how to reupholster furniture and end up with a nice new chair that I can sit on when I’m working on my next project that will get me out of doing laundry and tidying the house. So…

I read a bunch of blogs like this one and this one and watched a few YouTube videos like this one and then… embracing my impulsive nature, I jumped in and got started.

I won’t say I’m in love with the finished product, but I am happy with it. I should have replaced the old horse hair batting instead of fiddling around with it.* I learned quite a bit about reupholstery from the process and I will definitely be trying my hand at it again. I love seeing something old come back to life for another go-round.

What about you? Any furniture collecting dust in your house that you could use to give reupholstery a try?

Materials: 1 old chair, 1 yard of upholstery fabric ($5.99 from Jo-Mar), 5 yrds of gimp ($5.00 from Marmelsteins), hot glue, staples, and pneumatic stapler

Time: Maybe 6 hours total (not including shopping for materials)

Good to know: Be sure to take photos as you disassemble so you can remember how to reassemble. Consider borrowing a pneumatic stapler if you don’t own one as it makes it a lot go a lot quicker. Using upholstery fabric to cover buttons is a pain in the butt if the fabric is thick, so patience is required.

*(Update: My friend Rebecca who actually knows what she’s doing when it comes to upholstering said it was actually a good idea to keep the horse hair, so I’m glad I didn’t toss it. Check out her awesome work! )