How many years until it’s a tradition?

It’s a good thing I didn’t call this blog “Write Daily” since it’s a lot more like “Write a Couple Times a Year”.  I haven’t been writing and so here I am trying to jump back in. I just need to type something – anything to get me going again while hopefully making someone smile.

Last year, I shared the story of  the Little Push Cart about my husband’s and my adventure in making a first Christmas gift for our infant daughter, Merlyn. Well, this year we were at it again. On Christmas Eve, at around 10 PM, we started working on the only Christmas gift our toddling little human was going to receive from us on her second Christmas, but unlike last year, this time we chose a project that could be completed overnight and we had it gift wrapped and under the tree on Christmas.

It’s been two years of staying up late in the wood shop on Christmas Eve, laughing, drinking tea, and crafting a wooden toy for our little human. Is it too soon to call it a family tradition? I don’t know the official protocol for establishing a tradition in the home, but I am enthusiastic to make the wooden toy thing happen again for Christmas 2015 because…

There is seriously nothing better than seeing Merlyn play with the toys we have made her. I love watching her push her friends, her books, her teddies, and her snacks around on last year’s little push cart, and I love seeing her pull down her new puzzle bag from the toy shelf to dump the colorful pieces on the floor, assemble them and eagerly wait for me to say – “M-E-R-L-Y-N spells Merlyn!” as she drags her fingers across each of the letters in time.

There. I wrote something. Ice broken. A name puzzle tutorial is in the works, and hopefully I’ll be putting out a regular stream of new posts in the coming months. Here’s to be being back on the horse.

Here are a few pictures – this is the part that I’m hoping will especially make you smile.