This is an informal blog about the stuff I make, upcycle, create, imagine, and cook.

I’ve always loved making things and fixing things. Always. When mom wouldn’t buy me a Cabbage Patch Kid in the early 80’s, I grabbed some old panty hose and voíla! Good enough for me to cuddle and just pathetic enough to convince mom to wait in line for the real deal.

photo (35)

When I got engaged, I bought a sewing machine to learn to sew. You know, because what girl doesn’t decide to make a wedding dress for her first real attempt at sewing? IT HAD POCKETS. Just saying.

wedding dress

My husband and I live in a warehouse we are converting which opens lots of doors for making all sorts of neat stuff… like concrete and glass counter tops for our kitchen.


Recently, I made the coolest thing ever! A nursery set! With robot/math themed pillows, dress and blankie Ok…  I made those, but I was actually referring to that super cute yawning baby.

SONY DSCYou get the idea.

My hope for MakeDaily is that it will encourage everyone to exercise their creative self in some capacity every day without over thinking it. Get an idea. Do a little research. Jump in.

Because making stuff is more fun than doing housework.